John Zorn: James Moore Plays The Book of Heads
CD and DVD of a film by Stephen Taylor
Tzadik, October 2015

Book of Heads album cover

Utilizing an arsenal of balloons, children’s toys, and common household items, John Zorn’s notorious collection of solo guitar etudes, The Book of Heads is a compendium of bizarre extended techniques, stylistic mash-ups, and wild theatrics. In a new audio-visual release on the Tzadik record label, Moore has worked closely with Zorn to develop an explosive new interpretation of these demanding pieces.

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James Moore & Andie Springer: Gertrudes
New World Records, September 2015

Gertrudes album cover

Longtime friends and collaborators James Moore and Andie Springer began performing as a duo in 2011 while on tour with Neutral Hero, playwright Richard Maxwell's acclaimed theater production. Their debut album is comprised of compositions written or adapted for the duo and their unconventional instrumentation of violin and steel-string resonator guitar. Their eclectic repertoire includes a suite of three pieces by Moore, and works by Robert Ashley, Lainie Fefferman, Paula Matthusen, Larry Polansky, and Ken Thomson.

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Bonjour: Bonjour

Cantaloupe Records, August 2016

The debut album of Florent Ghys's low-string quintet features compositions engineered for the specific moments in your week, with performances by Ghys and Eleonore Oppenheim (double basses), Ashley Bathgate (cello), Owen Weaver (percussion) and JM on guitars.

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Paula Matthusen: Pieces for People

Innova Recordings, October 2015

Pieces for People album cover

Paula Matthusen's new album is comprised of music she has written for her closest friends and colleagues, including JM's 2008 recording of limerence, a raucous piece for prepared banjo and electronics.

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Corey Dargel: OK it's not OK

New Amsterdam Records, September 2015

Dargel's latest creation includes songs from Hold Yourself Together, a beautiful and provocative song cycle about composure, which Features Wil Smith (keyboards), Cornelius Duffalo (violin), Eleonore Oppenheim (bass) and JM on guitars.

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John Zorn: Dither Plays Zorn

John Zorn's Olympiad Volume 1
Tzadik, Jan 2015

Dither Plays Zorn album cover

The electric guitar quartet Dither's second full-length album showcases three of John Zorn's infamous improvisational game pieces from the late 70s in acoustic and electric realizations. The album features Hockey, and the premiere recordings of Curling and Fencing.

~ Tzadik

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Phill Niblock: Touch Five

Touch Music, Oct 2013

Touch Five album cover

The venerable composer Phill Niblock's latest album features renditions of his monolothic drone piece Two Lips from Dither along with fellow guitar quartets Zwerm and Coh da.

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The $100 Guitar Project

Bridge Records, Jan 2013

100 dollar guitar project album cover

Moore offers his languidly glitchy composition Birds as part of this eclectic compilation, in which 65 guitarists from around the world record tracks on the same no-name beater guitar!

~ Bridge Records

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Dither: Dither
Henceforth Records, Oct 2010

Dither's debut album features compositions written for the quartet by Eric km Clark, Lisa R. Coons, Lainie Fefferman, Joshua Lopes and Jascha Narveson.

~ Henceforth Records

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