Yes or No
The Hands Free: James Moore, Caroline Shaw, Nathan Koci, Eleonore Oppenheim
Live at the Tribeca New Music Festival


Gorgamor the Giant Gecko
by Matthew Welch
James Moore, banjo
Filmed by Stephen Taylor, recorded by Stephen Griesgraber



The Book of Heads, Etude 33 by John Zorn
James Moore, guitar
Filmed by Stephen Taylor, recorded by James Dellatacoma
From James Moore Plays The Book of Heads, more videos and info here!



Warmth by David Lang
James Moore and Taylor Levine, electric guitars
Filmed by Stephen Taylor, recorded by Wil Smith



Solo Repertoire:

"A Quiet Struggle" by Lisa R. Coons (2009)
amplified steel-string resonator guitar

"Blueprint" by Nomi Epstein (2006)
prepared classical guitar

"Pete's Yodel" by Lainie Fefferman (2008)
banjo and voice with electronics

"Elephant" by Lesley Flanigan (2011)
electric guitar and speaker instruments

Complete guitar works of Lou Harrison
Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth (1952)
Harp transcriptions (1964-77)
Serenade for guitar and percussion (1978)
Scenes from Nek Chand (2002)
classical guitar orjust intonation steel string resonator guitar

"W/A/L/S/C/H" by Travis Just (2009)
steel string resonator guitar

"Golden Melodies" by Eric Lyon (2008)
electric guitar with Max/MSP processing

"Like a Prayer REMIX" by Matt Marks (2008)
amplified banjo and electronics

"Soe-pa" by Ingram Marshall (1999)
amplified classical guitar with delay and loops

"Limerence" by Paula Matthusen (2008)
prepared banjo and electronics

"Sethwork" by Phill Niblock (2004)
multi-tracked acoustic guitars with live performer

"Songs and Toods" by Larry Polansky (2006)
resonator guitar and voice

"Restless Drive" by Wil Smith (2007)
amplified banjo and electronics

"Study no. 1" by Aleksei Stevens (2010)
amplified steel string guitar

"Blowback" by Molly Thompson (2009)
resonator guitar

"Close" by Stefan Weisman (2008)
classical guitar

"Gorgamor the Giant Gecko" by Matthew Welch (2005/2008)

"Neon Genesis Evangelicon" by Samson Young (2008)
electric guitar, video and electronics

Guitar works of John Zorn
The Book of Heads (1978)
Dominoes (1978)
guitars and objects